The waves break
And make the soul
Open to many shores

To find a castaway
May be the silver spoon
Dipped in your pools


Feeling drawn to the tide
Let it fly to the storm
And grow & transform

Let me heal you
As I heal myself
With this moon’s waters

And feel the earth shake
With the birth
Of someone new
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Life’s Light

Life light
You shine in me
So all can see
The love so bright

Wildfire spreads
In your eyes
As nighttime flies
Held together by our electrical threads

Faith tingles on our tongues
Like the live wire
Humming on the street
When the night is done

We swim in belief
Of what we are
So far
Until we realize night is a thief

The altar of our hearts
Must let go
Trust and flow
Control the burn
Play and learn
Discover every hidden part

The gems sparkle
Like candy in your hand
Our hearts beat in our own band
Diamonds were once charcoal

Find me
Visit my locked spaces
With all your faces
Explore my sea, bleed my fantasy

Touch my soul
See it dance from eye to eye
And I won’t tell any lies
Because you help the seed to grow

I will never fall from grace
Because the fire burns
As the ocean turns
Leaving behind no trace

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Butterflies on a balance beam
Tightrope walkers
Of my heart
Strung through time
With no one lost
To find

Sprinkle me into
Your golden dust
Searching for love, not lust
The timeline moves toward
As your wings beat the colors
Moving me fast and forward

Spirit warrior
Cancel my request
With you I feel blessed
Lightening bolts require
Not much
Just our passion and fire

Skin me
Expose my veins
See all my pains
Bring light into the night
So my power can flicker
Beyond the fright

Past present and future
Flying through eternity
You have guided me
Molded like clay
I fought for day after day

Kiss me new
With your electric lips
Bring life to my hips
Struggle to be found
When no one’s lost
Butterflies make a beautiful sound

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Withou You


Droplets of life
Float through the air
Memories past
In thin air

The feelings in my heart
Are they true
Memories past
And future
They all include you

He’s got¬†the fire
That runs through me
Talks with me
And walks with me
Changes how we see

Electrical sparks
Break our resistance
Letting us be
Setting us free
We come into existence

Equals apart
We are one
Oil and vinegar
Don’t need each other
We enhance, hun

Comfort kills the breath
That fills our room
Fear kills
The emotional depths
Still unknown

Spontaneity & constancy
Are the tightrope we walk
Open your heart
I’ll accept every part
Our treasures unlocked

I can see you in my life
Forever down the line
As I know you
I see all the clues
I didn’t know I could find

Fear sleeps in the future
As I let go
Falling into you
Giving all through
Everything unknown

I must give all
To feel it through
Running along
We sing our song
With our unique view
I don’t want to live
Without you
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Moving shadows
Transport me through time
Dark portals shifting
In the wind
And through my hair
With secrets kept
And released
The bones are bare

The moment arrives
When you can’t run
No more hideaways
Or run around games
Anymore.. anymore
You can’t stop a butterfly
From growing wings
When born to soar

Teetering on the edge
Cliffs smell like fear
Still no turning back
Coming this far
So close to the sky
Hesitation rises
But why fall
When the choice is to fly
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Rebel Day

The heat in my heart
Playing with my mind
Will my feelings stay
Forever or just today
Its a rebel day

Burning through me
But a candle
Can only light one end
Will I break or bend
Sun & Moon must blend

Turning in circles
Reaching a healing ceiling
Flying higher
I catch heaven’s fire
Leading to inspire

You grasp my heart
Leading me astray
Falling headfirst
Quenching my thirst
You & I are cursed

I play the chords of life
Making change to stay
Through every plight
The day becomes bright
With you in the night
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An Upturned Soul

Sometimes I climb the walls
To lie on the ceiling
Catch myself
From falling
From feeling

Lingering in the webs
Of memories
Holding back & healing
Suspended in guiding light
Permeated with insight

I balance on the wire
Afraid to fall into the fire
Stepping on the stones of light
Embracing the flame
Awakening the change

I challenge the steps
Taken with burnt toes
Molding me
Scolding me
With lessons learned

The burning feeds my life
Bruised & battered
But still whole
Walking the tightrope
Of mind, body, & soul

Uplift through newly formed wings
Integrated & aligned
All needs combined
Through you & me
And not material things

The flight is nice
And freedom’s calling
It won’t keep you from falling
Away from fear
And your true calling

I follow that voice
Still slightly unknown
Through mysteries unfurled
And problems uncurled
I make the choice

Its me at the wheel
At life’s lost & found
I can’t hold back
Or flounder & drown
Because Icarus slips through the crack

Kiss me and bring me to life
I love you in good times and strife
Embraced on that tightrope we found
I find the meaning
Of our souls

We are one
In the delicacy of existence
Pure hearts bending
In the wavelength
With sensitivity & strength

I fly higher now
I found my light
Catch me from falling or fright
Drifting into the flames
I found my true right

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Daytime Constellations

Daytime Constellations
Sparkle for me
As you get closer
As you touch
The world I see

The maze of imagination
Plays in the dust
That we stampede
That we kicked up
Woven from the rust

I love you
I see you in my dreams
While throughout the night
I hear your screams
Splitting the seams
Between you
And me

Crystals in love’s ocean
We plant the seeds
Facing off
Seeing past the forest
And the trees

Roots of strength
Are setting the trail
That will lead us
That will reach us
And not fall or fail

The spider weaves the dream
Spinning our future
In the sky as
Butterflies tumble
With lifetimes to leave

Dust can sparkle
In the right light
As you hold me
When you’re not here
Feeling so clear, so bright

Penetrating rains
Wash it clean
With a future unknown
Until eyes wide open
Once its seen

Infinity chases
Our reverie
We are spellbound travelers
Tossed in the wind
Of our dreams

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Liquid Time

Liquid time
Spilling through my fingertips
Wetting my hands
Flowing through the years
Yet I feel yesterday as if it were still near

The bright green grass
The sun trickling through for days
Family & unity
Father’s understanding
Showing me the ways

The days might be lost
But are still found
Gems of knowledge uncovered
Eroded pebbles from life’s creek
Come through dreams to speak

Answers wait hidden
Deep in the soil
If you will only dig
Revealing their secrets
Like jewels of the night’s phoenix

Time is liquid
And can’t be contained in a jar
But the knowledge of generations
Rich & raging with liberation
Holds more

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